There are numerous benefits that can be seen in this tourism industry for the both the tourists and host destination.

This tourism industry is considered as one of the main source of income or revenue generating resource for many countries, where they primarily focus on tourism to increase the number of tourists flow into their own country. Tourism is an only way of bringing the currency of other country directly into the home own country which helps the country financially. 

One of the important benefits that was found in the tourism industry is, it generates vast employment opportunities for all kind of people (both the educated and uneducated people). Because of this tourism industry there comes many Restaurants, Hotels, Souvenir Shops, Theaters, Shopping malls, Car Rental companies, etc., for to meet the need of the tourists in the respective tourism destination spots which simultaneously creates the direct and indirect employment opportunities.

Tourism also helps in preserving the cultural values too, whenever tourist visit the places and learn about the people, their culture and about their traditions, this helps in preserving the custom of the local community which are at high risk of existence.

Due to the large number of tourist flow into the country or destination there is the need to develop the Tourism infrastructure and these includes, Airport, Railway, Accommodations, Attraction, Food & Beverages, Telecommunications and other Services. By developing these tourism infrastructure it constantly supports both the domestic and international tourism of the country. Again these development of Infrastructure helps to provide the employment opportunities.

Good environment is an important ground which increases the number of tourist flow into the country, tourists love to travel to the destination and spend their vacation where it has a clean and pure environment. So, presently many developing countries are focusing on the clean environmental surrounding which is a main contributor to the tourism of a country. So, this tourism industry also gives the environmental benefits as well.  It is the duty of every citizen to keep their surrounding clean and green and that’s a little we contribute the successful tourism of our own country!