Little India

LITTLE-INDIAAre you from India particularly from Taminadu who feels very lonely and missing your home and your country in Singapore? Don’t worry Little India is place that cures your loneliness. Little India is located in the east of the Singapore River and to the north of Kampong Glam. This is the place which has completely takes up the Tamil culture. With the sound of temple bell, spicy foods, traditional Indian festivals, colorful saris, Indian sweets completely gives you the feeling of that you are in India, still you can find many new things around here as like in in India. Little India is more commonly known as Tekka in the local Tamil residents.  Tekka Center in little India is an excellent place for shopping fresh fruits and vegetable, sweets, silks, biriyani and lot more, it is the large building on your left as you exit from MRT at Little India and you could never miss out this Tekka Center. Little India is definitely a great place for all who loves India and Tamil culture.



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