Singapore zoo is another major tourists attractions in Singapore located in the Mandai Lake Road of Singapore it is a place where everyone loves to see the uniqueness of each animals out there. It is controlled by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Wildlife Reserves Singapore also maintains the Night Safari, River Safari and Jurong BirdPark. The Singapore Zoo was built at a cost of S$9m by the government of Singapore and it occupies 28 hectares or 69 acres, the exhibits of this zoo is divided into 11 zones, animals like white tiger, Australian outback, Pigmy Hippos, Polar Bears, lions, orangutan and many other animals exists in Singapore Zoo. Visitors to this zoo can enjoy here 24hours a day, at the time of sunset visitors can enjoy the different atmosphere at the Night Safari. Many shows are organized by the zoo to entertain the tourists. Like, "Animal Friends" show is housed in the Kidzworld amphitheater in the zoo's children's section. In "Splash Safari" show, the visitors of zoo's can notice the aquatic mammals and birds. In the show of "Elephants at Work and Play", visitors can look at how elephants are used for carrying loads in south-east Asian countries also the elephant play with their riders, the mahouts. "Rainforest Fights Back", here the show is housed in the Shaw Amphitheatre where Actors and performers act alongside the animals. "Breakfast with an Orangutan", where visitors can meet and interact closely with the orangutans in the zoo. People to here can also find several restaurants and interesting shopping spots. Singapore zoo has also gained many awards like, Best Leisure Attraction Experience, ASEAN Tourism Association Awards for Excellence, Voted one of the best loved pro-family businesses, Top 10 Best Family Experience (Jungle Breakfast at Singapore Zoo), etc.,



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