Gardens by the bay

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Gardens by the Bay is located heart of Singapore's new downtown Marina Bay, where the total land area is about 101 hectares. This consist of three waterfront gardens - Bay East, Bay South and Bay Central. Bay Central Garden links rest of the two waterfront gardens (Bay South and Bay East Gardens) through the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. You can take a scenic walks stretching from the city centre to the east of Singapore in the Bay Central Garden. If you get there, then you'll also get a chance into the jumbo Ferris wheel, Singapore Flyer! Bay East is one of the three waterfront gardens areas, this Bay East garden comprises of land area of about 32 hectares along with the 2Km (Kilometers) long stretch of waterfront, initially this was developed as an interim garden to host the water sports events of the Youth Olympic Games in 2010 which Singapore hosted later this was redeveloped before opening to the public. Presently, this gardens also host aquatic sports and waterfront recreation such as canoeing, non-motorized sports such as sculling and dragon boat races. This is an excellent place for the romantic walk, joggers, photographers and a peaceful place for the readers. Nearby you can also spot the ‘Marina Bay Golf Course’. This Bay East can be accessed by two ways either by the Marina Barrage nor Tanjong Rhu Road. Visit the Bay East Garden and get the fabulous view of Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay, Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino, and the Bay South Gardens.

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Moving to the Bay South Garden it has lots of interesting features along with it. South bay Garden has a laurel of award winning horticultural attraction spots in Singapore which comprises of more than 100,000+ plants. Some of the notable feature inside the South Bay Garden that attracts the tourists are Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Supertrees Grove, and OCBC Skyway. Conservatory at Bay South Garden is located very near to the Marina Reservoir which is of 54 hectares of total in land area that contains two cooled conservatories and are ‘Flower Dome’ and ‘Cloud Forest’. This spectacular cooled conservatories were built to provide better weather condition for the plant. The Flower Dome replicates a mild, dry climate and features plants found in the Mediterranean and other semi-arid tropical regions featuring 9 different gardens which displays from Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and America. Cloud forest replicates the cool moist conditions found in Tropical Mountain amidst orchids, pitcher plants and ferns. You will be amazed if you see the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls at 35 meters which simultaneously provides the chill air give you a pleasant feeling. You'll also come across the huge "Cloud Mountain" in the Cloud Forest which is another interesting place to get in and you’ll fine even more interesting facts. Supertrees are tree-like structures where the height of the supertrees ranging between 25-50 meters. These super trees are also serves as the vertical garden. Between these vertical garden of supertrees there is an elevated walkway which is called as ‘OCBC Skyway’ placed between two of the larger Supertrees for visitors to take walk and enjoy a panoramic aerial view of the Gardens. Don't need to worry if there occurs nightfall, a light and sound show will starts and will be running for an hour. This Bay South Garden also offer space for kids called ’Children’s Garden’, of course your children will love this garden a lot. The Themed Gardens feature two spectacular collections, one focused on ‘Plants and People’, the other on ‘Plants and Planet’. Heritage Gardens - ‘Plants and People’ where you can find 4 Heritage Gardens that reflects Singapore’s 4 main ethnic groups as well as the city-state’s colonial heritage. Each Garden explores the rich cultural significance of different plant species: Malay Garden – the story of life in a traditional village, Indian Garden – inspired by a traditional lotus flower motif, Chinese Garden – inspirational places for writers, poets and artists and Colonial Garden – the story of crops, spices and plants as ‘Engines of Empire’. The World of Plants forms the second collection of Gardens and is based on the theme ‘Plants and Planet’, showcasing the biodiversity of plant life on our planet: Secret Life of Trees – functions, evolution and role of trees in the rainforest, World of Palms – celebrating the rich diversity and shapes of tropical palms, Understorey – stories about plants of the forest floor and their roots, Fruits and Flowers – exploring the amazing forms and functions of different species, Discovery Garden – plant evolution through ancient groups of plants and  finally Web of Life – the interrelationship between rainforest flora with fauna. Coming to the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes in Gardens by the Bay, it is a spot where you can spot the aquatic life from plant to fishes, this is a complete place to discover the facts about eco-system. Discover more than 1,000 plants of cacti and succulent collection of Southeast Asia and also from the deserts of Madagascar, Mexico, Argentina, Kenya, Brazil and many more in the Sun Pavilion. In short, I can tell you all that Bay South Garden is the place of Fun, Excitement, Beautiness and Edutainment where you won’t be disappointed!




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