George-TownGeorge Town is located on the north-east corner of Penang Island and it is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang, this was named after Britain’s King George III. George Town’s population is of Chinese origin and you’ll find Chinese temples in Little India and mosques in Chinatown, and Western-style soaring skyscrapers and massive shopping complexes gleaming high above British Raj–era architecture. It is officially recognized as having a unique architectural and cultural townscape. George Town is considered to be as Malaysia's food capital where most of the local and international tourist head to the nearby street hawkers to have their meals and drinks, a perfect place where you can enjoy varieties of cuisines. George Town is considered as one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City, as there are a number of cultural venues. Penang Botanic Gardens, Penang Butterfly Farm and SIM Leisure Escape (Theme Park) are some of the main leisure attraction found in the George Town for tourists. The George Town also features other tourism infrastructure like Museums, Art Gallery, Shopping Malls, Cinemas, etc., George Town is also considered as a medical tourism hub with many patients from neighboring Indonesia frequently visiting the city to undergoing treatment. This is a place where every tourist to Malaysia should visit.


Cameron-HighlandCameron Highlands is Malaysia's largest hill-station area, the breeze is freshened by eucalyptus, fuzzy tea plantations and strawberry farms however the sanctuary is best known for its tea plantations and visitors can book several “tea factory” tours. It was first developed by the British in the 1920s. This Highland is also one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia and apart from its tea estates, the place is also noted for its cool weather where the temperatures in these 1300m to 1829m heights rarely top 30°C. This fresh climate attracts convoys of visitors to pick strawberries and to have a sip of tea. Tourism is big business, so expect quiet contemplation to be interrupted by the din of building sites, and hilltop views occasionally obscured by mega-resorts. And other places like orchards, farmlands, wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, mossy forest, golf course, hotels, places of worship, bungalows, jungle trial, trekking and museum are also the reasons for the tourist to visit this beautiful Eco-tourist spot named Cameron Highlands. This Highland is best place to be visited for the nature lovers, if you are one, then head towards to the Cameron Highland as many beautiful things and picturesque views are waiting for you!


PutrajayaPutrajaya is literally means 'Garden City' or 'Intelligent City' where the land area is about 4,931 hectares, which were mostly palm plantations. About 40% of Putrajaya is natural, but the landscape has been extensively reworked by man: botanical gardens and lush greenery are spread across the landscape, crisscrossed by large bodies of water and wetlands. Five confluences meet at the north forming a main waterway, the Putrajaya Lake, which flows across the city area which makes these place one of the reason to be loved by the tourists. Putrajaya can be easily accessed by all available mode of transportation like via Plane, Train, Buses and Cabs. Let's get into the some of the famous places around the Putrajaya that has to be visited here to make our trip interesting one. First lets start with Putrajaya Lake, this cool spot located at the center of Putrajaya which is a 650 hectares man-made lake being used for transportation purposes and also as an recreational area for many local and international tourist. Occasionally, many water sports events will also be conducted here! Tourist can opt for cruise ride around this lake which covers four or five famous bridges replicas passing through this lake. The ride can give you the amazing view of putrajaya and you'll definitely fall in love with this man-made spot. If you are in Putrajaya Lake, then don't forget to visit the nearby amazing Seri Wawasan Bridge which is artistically designed and that looks more picturesque, especially at night with all the lights on. Putra Mosque is a chief mosque in Putrajaya which located next to the Putrajaya Lake and Prime Minister's Office. This mosque has a great architectural style with a pink-dome and it consists of 3 main functional areas - the prayer hall, the Sahn, or courtyard, and various learning facilities and function rooms are also presented. The mosque can accommodate 15,000 worshipers at any one time which is nice and quiet place during sunset, where the view was simply amazing. Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin (Or Iron Mosque) is a second chief mosque next to the Putra Mosque. This mosque is also best know for it amazing architecture which was built in an modern Islamic Architectural style. The interior is decorated with Al-Asmaul-Husna calligraphy of the Thuluth variation. There is a mihrab wall made of 13-meter-high glass panel imported from Germany inscribed with two verses from Sura Al-Baqarah on the right and Sura Ibrahim on the left. The mihrab wall is designed so that no light will be reflected, creating an illusion that the verses are floating on air. The 40-feet-long edges of the mosque's roof are able to shelter the people praying outside of the main prayer hall from rain. And nothing to be scared of being a non-Muslim to visit these two places in Putrajaya! Putrajaya Wetlands Park is a nice and calm place to sit back and relax yourself. Putrajaya Wetlands consists of 24 wetland cells, Wetlands Park (Taman Wetland) and the other Wetlands areas. Several species of local marshland birds and water birds including the the little green heron, cinnamon bittern, little egret and migratory birds form Northern Hemisphere can also be seen there. The visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk, jog or cycle along its bicycle track also for boat ride if wished to explore with additional cost. The Wetland now considered as a wildlife sanctuary which attracts a huge variety of animals to the combined terrestrial-aquatic wetland environment. Wetlands Park (Taman Wetland) is a ideal place for family, for bird watching, for relaxing and for photography! Putrajaya Botanical Garden is a beautiful place in putrajaya that has to be visited if you are a plants and garden lovers. This is a public botanical garden where every local and international tourist love to spend their time here arond the plants and flowers. It also offer other outdoor activities like cycling, jogging or even to stop to feed the fresh water fish. this is certainly a very serene and beautiful place for relaxing ourselves, but best to be visited after 5 in evening or in early morning!

Still, Putrajaya also has other places to visit like, Seri Perdana, IOI City Mall (a best place for shopper), Agriculture Heritage Park, Putra Square (Opposite to the Prime Minister's Office), Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Millennium Monument (a national monument in Putrajaya), National Heroes Square (a monument and war memorial in Putrajaya), Natural History Museum and Movie Theaters.


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