PAIAmphoe Pai is a small district in the northeast of Mae Hong Son provinces. Today, Pai is considered as one of the best eco-tourist spots among many traveler around the world, if you loves the nature then this would be the ideal place for you! It is best known for its Waterfalls, Temples, Villages, Rafting and Trekking. As Pai lies at the foot of the mountains, many tourists use it as a base for trekking and visiting hill tribes like Karen, Hmong, Lisu, and Lahu. In short, Pai is considered as a mecca for many backpackers and also a perfect place for one who loves to take a adventure in Thailand. Even though Pai has many markets, there are two famous markets which grabs the attention of many tourist and locals in getting into these places and they are Wednesday Market and Walking Street Market, these markets are also considered as notable attractions in Pai. And few other places like World War 2 Memorial Bridge, Village Farm, Elephant Trek, Pem Bok Waterfall, Pai Canyon, Chinese Village, Wat Prathat Mae Yen are also considered as most lovable places for tourist to spend time in Pai where plenty of tourists visits this place every year. Pai also offer other such facilities like airport, restaurants, souvenir shops, several live music clubs, beer bars and plenty of accommodations. Simply, Pai is place in Thailand which gives a chance to take breath of pristine air and helps connect the human with nature, a spot that shouldn't be missed!

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JTHJim Thompson or James Harrison Wilson Thompson was a American, born in Delaware in 1906, where he settled in Bangkok after the World War II. He is silk entrepreneur and having lots of interest in collecting the art works and considered as a major collector of Southeast Asian art. Today, Jim Thompson's House was modified as a museums and considered as one of the most visited museums in Bangkok that showcase his varieties of art collections. He have collected a large collection of Buddhist and secular arts from different places around Southeast Asia like Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. This Jim Thompson’s House consist of various collections of Sculptures, Paintings, Porcelain and Other collectible items. It is better to take a guide in this museum where they will reveal you even more interesting facts and history of this house. Definitely, this calm museum & lovely garden setting in heart of the city will make you relaxed and even it'll take you to the past of Thailand- The experience that shouldn't be missed in Bangkok!

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Safari-WorldSafari World is a zoo which is located in Bangkok is one of the most loved place among kids and family where you can spend your time with some giant animal and birds. It is mainly divided into two parks namely Safari Park & Marine Park. Safari park features hundreds of animals from all over the world like zebras, camels, antelopes, gazelles, rhinos and some birds like ostriches, pelicans, cranes, and nightmarish marabou storks. Here, you can take your car and start riding inside the Safari Park to explore it but all you need to do is observing some of the safety measures like closing your windows, avoiding horn and avoiding stepping out of your vehicle in order to guard yourself against some predators out there, you can watch the daily tiger and lion feeding shows in Safari Park too. Definitely, this safari park will give you a perfect adventurous feel. While coming to the Marine Park it houses a vast spectrum of animals of land, sea and air more like a giant theme park with different shows like Elephant Show, Sea Lion Show, Orang-Utan Boxing Show, Bird Show, Beluga & Dolphin Show, Western Cowboy Stunts Show, Egg World, Spy War and Jungle Cruise. The Marine Park also offers other such facilities like restaurant, souvenir shop, parking lot, first aid and information sections to make traveler to understand the Safari World even better. Safari World is an excellent place which can be explore along with family and kids to discover the animal behavior in close. Undoubtedly, this place is worth to spend in Bangkok.

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ENPElephant Nature Park is located in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand which is of 250 acre in land area. ENP is considered as both sanctuary and elephant rescue centre established in 1990's, this is not only a home to elephants but also to the Buffaloes, Dogs, Cats, Birds, and many other animals as well, ENP gives them all the perfect natural environment feel. Visitor to this park can get the opportunity to feed and learn about the past and present lifestyle of the elephants from watching them taking a mud bath to swimming session of the elephants, visitor can completely enjoy their time in ENP. The park is open to all visitors throughout the year which offers Short Park Visit, Single Day Trip and Overnight Trip, all the guides here are certified with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and they can speak both the English and Thai language so there is nothing to worry about the language problem. If we talk about the food which is being served to the volunteer/visitors, the ENP completely serve the vegetarian meals in the buffet style offering a large varieties of Thai and Western dishes. Volunteer task in ENP may include cleaning shelter, creating mud pit, visiting a local school, planting trees, feeding the elephants and preparing elephant food. And, If you are taking a '7 Days' trip at ENP then you need not wanna worry about washing your clothes, ENP also offers the laundry services at low cost. This park is being set up to prevent the animals that were facing cruelty once before. Today, this ENP even doesn't allow riding or any other small misuse of these animals. The animals at here are having the freedom at most part. In short, ENP is a bridge between these animals and humans where it offer opportunity to learn and spend their time along with it.



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