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Underwater-World-SingaporeUnderwater World Singapore is an aquarium for marine life and particularly it is more famous for the Dolphin show and 83m acrylic tunnel. This Underwater World Singapore is located on the offshore of the Singapore's hot tourist spot/island Sentosa. This occupies of 69 acres in land area and houses more than 2,500 marine animals of 250 species from different regions of the world. It has several exhibits such as Sea Angles, Master of Disguise, Living Fossils, Jewels of the Reefs, Sea Dragon and more. Amoung all the exhibits Interactive Zones is quite famous one. It comprises of Touch Pool, Ray of Fun, Magic-T and Feed the shark. 'Touch Pool' allows visitors to touch and feel the marine creatures such as the mild banded bamboo sharks. 'Ray of Fun' gives chance to see the Blue Spotted Stingray, White Spotted Eagle Ray, Leopard Whipray, Cow-nose Ray and the Brown Stingray. 'Maguc-T' is the Mystical Anti Gravity Interactive Concept Tank (MAGIC-T) is the latest avant-garde attraction at Underwater World Singapore. Visitors can able to feed the fishes enclosed in the MAGIC-T , through openings in the side and not have any water splashing out of the tank. 'Feed the Shark' zone allows the visitors to feeding the hungry sharks. Underwater World is also featured of 83-metre long travelator that moves visitors along a submerged 6-millimetre thick acrylic-windowed tunnel from which visitors can look at an array of marine life including Reef Colony, Stingrays, Turtles, Eagle Ray, Emporor Snapper, White-tip Sharks, Black-tip Shark and many other, never forget to bring your camera to capture these amazing marine creatures. Tunnel Level is one the most lovable places for kids and adults in UWS. Next interesting place to visit in UWS is Dolphin Lagoon where dolphins and fur seals will charm visitors in a variety of programmes including "Meet the Dolphins" and "Fur Seals session" followed by interactive sessions. The Dolphin Lagoon showcases the several Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, aka "pink dolphins". UWS provides some live interactive-experience to the visitors such as Marine Discovery, Dive with the Sharks and Swim with the Dolphins but filling the Indemnity form is mandatory before diving into the water. UWS also features of 'Fish Reflexology' the Singapore's first fish reflexology spa where two species of doctor fish gently nibble away at the dead skin on visitor's feet. Underwater World Singapore also host many educational and conservational programs too. Simply this UWS is a package of fun, surprise and safety!



Raffles-SingaporeThis is a colonial-style luxurious five star hotel in Singapore which sets its place on civic district. It was built in 1887 by Armenian hoteliers, the Sarkies Brothers, which is considered as one of the main tourist spots in Singapore and this hotel stands as one of the major landmark of Singapore over a century. Raffles Singapore features of 103 spacious suites, 14 restaurants and bars, venues for hosting events and meetings and it also offers other relaxations and entertainment facilities like Raffles Spa, Gymnasium, Outdoor Swimming Pool, a Jubilee Hall Theatre Playhouse and a shopping arcade with 40 specialty boutiques. The hotel offers varities of Local Cusines, English Cusines, French Cuisines, North Indian Cuisine and more from the famous Italian salads, pizzas, pasta and gelato to the prime cuts of meats and varities of seafoods. Raffles Singapore is not just a place to stay or to take food it also has its historical values where Charlie Chaplin, Maurice Chevalier, Frank Buck, Jean Harlow and famous writters like Ernest Miller Hemingway (an American novelist), William Somerset Maugham (an British novelist) and Noel Coward (a British playwright, novelist and actor) made a visit to this luxurious hotel and were considered as the notable visitors of Raffles Singapore's timeline and today we can see the "Writers Bar" (one of the bars in Raffles Singapore) which stands as a tribute to the literary luminaries who have written about or stayed at the hotel. The Raffles Singapore is listed as 2016 Travellers' Choice award winner on TripAdvisor. In short, Raffles Singapore is a place of excellence, luxury, fun and history. You should schedule you visit to Raffles Singapore while on your trip to Singapore where it is pleasant to see the colonial-style building stands in contrast against the neighboring modern-skyscrapers.



Changi-airportChangi Airport is one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia which is located in the east of Singapore. This airport is considered as a World's Best Airport for three consecutive year from 2013-2015 according to Skytrax (a UK based consultancy which runs an airline and airport review and ranking site). This airport is also considered as one of the world's busiest airports by international passenger traffic and cargo traffic. The Airport has three main passenger terminals, arranged in an elongated inverted 'U' shape where, Terminal 1 in the North, Terminal 2 in the East and Terminal 3 in the West. These Terminal helps to connect customers to over 200 destinations worldwide, with 5000 arrivals and departures a week by 80 international airlines. Terminal 4 and 5 are planned to be opened in future.

Changi Airport Singapore Map

This Asia’s best and busiest airport is not only a place of transportation but also considered as one the greenest airports in the world with 500,000 flourishing plants along with 1,000 of butterflies in the Butterfly garden. This is not just a airport but a garden airport, a best known place of attraction which has many pleasent gardens like Butterfly Garden (T3), Sunflower Garden (T2), Cactus Garden (T2), Water Lily Pad Garden (T1), Enchanted Garden (T2) & Social Tree (T1). The hardworking horticulture team is the reason behind this greenest airports who takes care of over 800 species of plants in this airport and to make this airport a pleasant place for passenger also as a environmental friendly one. If you ever come to this airport with your kids then these places will be quite interesting to visit and makes simple to handle your hyper kids on your journey like Children’s Playground (T1, T2 & T3), TV Lounge (T1 & T3), Interactive Art (T1, T2 & T3), Entertainment Deck (T2), Baby Care Room (T1, T2 & T3), Family Zone (T2) and Swimming pool (T1). The Airport also offers other such services like Free Wi-Fi, Prayer Rooms, Transit Lounges, Clinics and pharmacies, Shower & Spa Services, Free Mobile Charging Points, Free Internet Access, Smoking Areas, Post Services, Business Centers (which offers services like mailing of documents, photocopying and fax) in all three terminals. The airport also has plenty of interesting places for foodies and shoppers in all terminals too. And if you ever wonder for the cleanliness of this airport, never worry! Changi Airport Singapore is also best known for its cleanliness was ranked 5th place in world's cleanest airports by the same Skytrax. In Changi Airport Singapore traveler can find an excellent and luxurious travel experience.



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