Happy-Valley-RacecourseHappy valley racecourse is one of the two racecourses in Hong Kong while the other is the Sha Tin Racecourse New Territories. These two Racecourses were operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club of Hong Kong. This Happy Valley Racecourse is also considered as one of Tourist attraction in Hong Kong where you can hear the sound of Horses, Live Radio Commentary, Cheering sound of bidder and spectators and the sound of joy and excitement. The seven-storey stands in happy valley racecourse can hold more than fifty thousand spectators. This inner field of the course will hosts some of the sports like Football, Rugby and Hockey. This Happy Valley racecourse also offers excellent dining facilities, Bars and Lounges. Some of the restaurants includes adrenaline, Happy Valley Private Box, Moon Koon Restaurant, Stable Bend Terrace and The Gallery. Still you can observe many interesting of this Happy valley.


Golden-Buahinia-SquareThis Golden Bauhinia Square is an open area located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. If you saw the mega statue of Orchid flower (Bauhinia Blakeana) then confirm that you are in Golden Bauhinia Square. This is situated very near to one of the two major convention and exhibition centers in Hong Kong, ‘Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)’ where this is world-class convention and exhibition centre and was voted Best Convention and Exhibition Centre in Asia for the 9th time by industry awards in 2012, while the other notable convention and exhibition centre in Hong Kong is ‘AsiaWorld–Expo’. The flag rising ceremony is considered as one of the important ceremony that is being conducted by the Hong Kong Police Force where mass of tourist gathered to witness this ceremony. There are three types of flag rising ceremony that is being conducted opposite to the HKCEC are, Daily Flag Raising Ceremony (Every day except 1st of each month), Enhanced Flag Raising Ceremony (1st of every month, except July & October) and the Special Flag Raising Ceremony (which will be conducted on 1st of July and 1st October). On 1997 the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) was formed followed by the Britain's return of territory to China, this mega golden bauhinia blakeana statue is the gift from the Central Government of China on this celebration hence this spot got its name as Golden Bauhinia Square also this bauhinia is recognized as the emblem of Hong Kong. This Golden Bauhinia Square not only becomes as one of the famous tourist spot but also the historic spot everyone should visit.


Cat-streetThis is considered as one of the famous tourist spot in Hong Kong where you can get variety of antique products, gems and jades, stamps, ancient coins, and lot more precious things that gives you the feeling of golden era. This is also the right place for the bargainers, probably the one who bargains here will get low cost for the goods they purchase. Do you want to know why this site got its name as ‘Cat Street’? Once the Indian community in Hong Kong formed a mini market where they trade easily. This place is considered as place which has a wide range of antique products and electronic appliances at that time. Hence, this place becomes as a most popular place in Hong Kong. But, some shops around here also buy and sell the stolen goods which is known "mouse goods" or "rat good" in Chinese and those who purchases those stolen product was known as Cat. Hence, this place got its name as Cat Street! But anyhow that was just a history, those process of cat and mouse trading doesn’t exist today. If you want to purchase any fine silk products, embroideries, wooden handicraft items or and art galleries for your home then you must come to this Cat Street, which is located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Between Hollywood Road and Queen's Road Central.


Hong Kong: Happy Valley Racecourse | Golden Bauhinia Square | Cat Street

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