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Let us start our tour to Hong Kong's famous and the second largest theme park. This article is really a interesting guide for all who is new to 'Ocean Park' of Hong Kong. I am sure you'll love the time you spend here!

Ocean Park Hong Kong is really a big as ocean, is an amusement park, animal theme park, marine theme park, thrill ride and still a lot more. Tourist who visit Hong Kong should visit the Ocean Park where they would have amazing time filled with loads of fun. This Ocean Park was opened in January 1977, with the total land area of 226 acres. This is the first theme park in Asia to win the Applause Award from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). This Park was also listed as one of the top "50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the world" by Forbes. And, This Park have also gained many, many Laurels. Let's get into the Ocean Park.


Marine WorldMarine World in Ocean Park where tourist get a chance to meet the marine animals like Dolphin, Sea Lion and Seals can be found here on shows like Pacific Pier and Ocean Theater. Enter into the Sea Jelly Spectacullar to show your children over thousands of sea jellies of all sizes, shapes and colors from around the world can be found at Ocean Park. If you loves Shark then get into the Shark Mystique, this is the complete shark aquarium and tourists can see over 100s of Sharks with the 360 degree perspective view and some of the notable creature like Sawfish and Zebra shark can also be found here. Other interesting feature like The Abyss, Marine World Game Zone, Crazy Galleon, Ferris wheel and lot more you can see here in Marine World!


Polar AdventurePolar Adventure in Ocean Park is another interesting place where it takes the to the Two Poles (North Pole and South Pole) where tourist can explore the animals existing in these two poles from Hong Kong like, King penguins, Southern Rockhopper Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, Snowy Owls, Arctic Foxes, Spotted Seals, Long-tusked Pacific Walruses and many others animals of the poles.


Thrill MountainThrill Mountain is a carnival-themed area, which comprises of interesting feature like Hair Raiser, Whirly Bird, Bumper Blaster, Rev Booster, The Flash and Whirly Bird. Where the tourist will have amazing time which gives the feeling of flying on air and limitless excitement.


RainforestRainforest is the perfect place for the nature lovers and for one who is curious to explore the biodiversity. Ocean Park also provides space for which gives us the excellent feel of nature with the sounds of avian and other terrestrial and aquatic animals like Green Aracari, Green Anaconda, Kinkajou and Capybara. This rainforest has 3 different zones Rainforest Why Zone, The Rapids and Expedition Trail.


Amazing Asian AnimalAmazing Asian Animals, where tourist can get a chance to encounter some the Asia's rarest animals like Chinese giant salamander & Chinese alligators (which are listed as one of the critically endangered animal), Red Pandas and Giant Pandas. Tourists can also take a look at the beautiful Goldfish pavilion having rarest varieties like the Black Oranda and Blue Phoenix Egg fish. Panda bear, Variety of colorful Asian birdlife and The Asian small-clawed otters can also be seen inside the Panda Village which gives tourist a wonderful experience.


Aqua CityAqua City in the Ocean Land is the world class marine themed area which features world's first 360 degree water screen show Symbio. This also offers fine Food and Beverages services for the visitors, The Neptune's Restaurants in aqua city is found to be the Hong Kong's first aquarium dining experience, never miss this restaurant if you visit the Ocean Park. Next, Adventures in Australia in Aqua city is the place where tourists can see some of the famous Australian animal like, The Laughing Kookaburra, red-necked wallabies, Koalas and still lot more. Next to the Adventure in Australia, it's Grand Aquarium in aqua city which is the world's largest viewing dome in an aquarium and a 13-metre giant viewing panel. Aqua city also has other interesting features like Waterfront Plaza, Old Hong Kong and Sea Life Carousel.


Whiskers HorbourWhiskers Harbour in the Ocean Park is the perfect place for your younger children, where it has many sections like Merry-go-round, Bouncer House, Frog Hopper, Animal Story Corner and lot more interesting features for your younger kids. Take your children to Whiskers Harbour and they will have an unforgettable moment in Ocean Park.

You can also enjoy some other incredible feature like Ocean Express Waterfront Station, Raging River, Cable car, Mine Train and lot more inside the Ocean Park. This Ocean Park also hosts 5 different events throughout the year to give even more fun and entertainment to its visitors. And those specific seasons are on Christmas, Chinese New Year celebrations, the Ocean Park Summer Splash, the Halloween Bash and a varying Animal in High Definition Month. Remember, this park is one of the two largest theme parks in Hong Kong. So, you'll probably find more interesting than what I told you here, you'll definitely have loads of fun out there! :)


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Hong Kong: Ocean Park Hong Kong

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